Monday, October 1, 2012

We Are Undefeated!!

If you haven't read my last post about my last volleyball games i recommend that you read it now before this one. As you can tell by the title, yes my team beat al the other teams. We didn't  even lose one set. The last set of the last game was very close. Here are the scores:
1st game
1st set: 25 to 15
2nd set: 25 to 12

2nd game
1st set: 25 to 16
2nd set: 25 to 18

3rd game
1st set: 25 to 6
2nd set: 25 to 23

As you can see we never played the tie breaker set because it was best out of 3. We won 2 which is an automatic win. In the last game I spiked the ball and got a point. Then I served 3 times in a row and scored points for my team! Paolo was the next server and he ended the game! We all gave him a pat in the back and said, "good job!" I have to admit that the other teams played a lot better than any of the previous games. Good job for them. This Thursday we are paying a friendly match against a high school. I personally think that we are going to lose, but it is very good practice, and I would like to see how well we do against a high school. Well, till next time readers!


  1. It was a great game, and a great season. Congrats to the team and the coaches!!!

  2. Yea you guys did an amazing job today �� and good job Adam ��