Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's a Typical Day in the Life of a Teenager Around the World

Here I am sitting at my desk in my room, talking to my friends Goran and Elijah on Skype. I am wondering what it's like for someone in another country. What is their typical day like?

On a typical day I leave for school at 7:00 AM. Classes end at 2:45 PM. After school, I go to volleyball practice with my team until 5:00 PM. Sometimes after practice, while I wait for my dad to pick me up, Timothy, Riain, and I shoot some hoops. When I get home, I do my homework, then take a shower. After that, I check my blog. During homework I usually hang out on skype or facebook with my friends. We help each other with homework if needed. After dinner, I write on my blog, read a book and then go to sleep. The next day it starts all over.

Right now, dinner is over and I'm sitting in front of my laptop, going over my blog, wondering what my cousins and friends in France, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil are doing. What are kids my age doing around the world? What is there typical day like? I have so many questions that go through my mind like:
  • What kind of music are they listening to? What artists and singers do they listen to? What genre?
  • What shows are they watching on TV? What shows are popular to teenagers like me?
  • What are cool stuff that they wear?
  • What is the favorite place to hang out?
  • What are the popular movies?
  • What are the popular dance moves?
  • What are the trendy haircuts/hairstyles?

In my school it's all about sports. Most kids are involved in at least one sport, either in a school team or in a team outside of school. For guys, we play video games and talk to friends on Skype are things that we do a lot. When we get together outside of school grounds it usually is for a party. There is at least one birthday party every month. Since my school is small the whole grade usually gets invited. Otherwise, if its not sports or parties we usually hang out in groups on weekends at one guys house. Let me know what your typical day is like in your part of the world. Leave a comment down below! I promise I will reply to everyone. I am going to translate this in spanish and french for my friends and cousins abroad, so they can participate. Well, until next time readers.

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