Monday, October 8, 2012


Holidays are my favorite time of the year! You get breaks from school because of them. You get presents and food and fun time with your family. I mean it's everything you would want.

 We wouldn't have Christmas, Easter, nor Halloween, and i'm sure others holidays, if Jesus didn't exist. Now you are thinking: "Wait! Halloween? That's like devils, witches, werewolves and zombies. Well if you go back into the history of Halloween, it started when kids came back from all saints day practice. People would give them candy to praise them of how well they at dressing up like Saints. Halloween means all hallowed eve's. The day before all saints day was the last time the evil spirits could be evil because the next morning they would all turn nice. The dressing up? Well, they dressed up as saints and with time people made Halloween into scary creatures and bad spirits. Saints are holy which means they are like Jesus so if he was gone most likely Halloween would be gone too. I can't wait till Halloween just so I can stuff my face with candy. I think its the dentist's favorite holiday :). Well Happy Holidays everyone!!!! Until next time :D