Thursday, October 4, 2012

Volleyball Game Against High School

Well, as you can tell by the title, today my team played a high school's boys junior and girls varsity volleyball team. Let me first say that, I thought we were going to fail and that they were going to be super good. Well, against the boys they beat us in the first set by 2 points and by a couple points in the second. Now when we played the girls varsity team, we beat them. 2 sets in a row. Our coaches were so proud of us because we played so well against a high school team! We were very surprised that we did so well. I mean we got our spikes right, our serves over, and blocked most of the opponents spikes too. I am sure if we played against my schools girls volleyball team, that we would beat them. I am sad that the volleyball season is over now, but in high school I am going to try out for the volleyball team. I like to play it now more than when I wasn't on the team. Well, that's it for now readers. Until next time :).

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