Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Last Games of the Volleyball Season

In my school I am on the volleyball team. We go to one school every Monday and play 2 other schools, but tomorrow...we have to play all 3 schools. So far we are undefeated because we have good spirit and practice an average of 3 times a week. Hopefully tomorrow we will stay undefeated. The other schools could do better than us it's just that they don't practice as much as we do so obviously the team that works harder wins. There is only one team that can beat us, and that schools girl volleyball team. Yes, that's right the girls volleyball team. They beat us 4 times out of 7 games. That is pretty bad on our part. The problem on our team is that we can't get the ball to our setter (Riain). Some people can't get the ball over the net. I am a good at serving, but when I am under pressure its like an 80% chance that I will get it over. I don't know why, but with practice I can make it 100%. Riain's dad is one of the coaches for the team. The other coach has a daughter that is in the girls volleyball team. He also has a little son that ALWAYS bosses us around when we do bad. For Example, one day when we were playing against the girls, we didn't get the serve over and he yelled, "COME ON GUYYYYYS GET YOUR SERVES OVER!" When he bosses us around I just think it's so funny because he is 8-years-old and has a very high-pitched voice. He is like the little coach of the team. Well, I will write about what happened at the games tomorrow. Do you think my team will be undefeated? Or do you think we will be defeated? Write a comment below!


                                                                                                                                         -Adam Ribeiraud


  1. You guys will definitely remain undefeated. Go Cardinals!!!!!

  2. No doubt. You guys keep practicing and play your hearts out. Don't forget to have fun, it is after all a Game :)