Saturday, October 6, 2012

My First Time Ice Skating!!!

Today after school, some friends and I walked over to a pizza restaurant. We stayed there for about an hour until my dad came and picked Riain and I up. My dad drove us to my house. My classmate, Andres, gave out invitations to an ice skating party a couple days ago. Today was the day that I was going ice skating! So when we got to my house, none of my jeans fit me! So we had to go to the store and buy some. We were already a bit late. To make things even worse, my mom forgets her wallet! So my dad, comes to the store and brings my mom's wallet. We buy the clothes and I change into them. Then we hit the road! It took about 10 minutes to get there. When we got inside the rink, it was a bit dark and cold. There was music playing and people ice skating everywhere. It looked awesome! I already saw my friends and classmates inside the rink. Riain and I get our skates and get in the rink. I did pretty good at ice skating, because I     know how to roller blade very well and its basically the same thing. On the other hand my friend Riain was having trouble. I tried to teach him how, but he just couldn't. Only me and a couple others could skate. Other people were just skating slowly or not doing anything. I thought it was pretty fun. My friends and I would scrape the ground and make snowballs. I threw a couple, it was fun. I feel bad for Riain though because he fell about 5 times, and one of those times he hit his knee with the back of the skate and it looked like it hurt a lot! I hope he feels better. Well, until next time readers! :D

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