Sunday, September 30, 2012

Book Review- Heaven is for Real

I always ask my dad questions about religion, news, and basically anything. I attend a catholic school and believe in the Catholic Religion. One day I was in my room doing homework. My dad knocks and comes in. He says: "Adam I think you'll like this book." I replied: "Thank You." I look at the book. It's called "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. At first I thought that it would be boring, but it's actually pretty interesting. It's about a 3 year-old-boy got really sick and died for a short amount of time. Then the doctors brought him back to life, and he explains his experience in heaven to his parents.

This book was very interesting. I was amazed at what Colton (the 3 year old) said. It is an inspirational book. I recommend it to anyone even if you don't believe in God, because it is very interesting. You never know what to expect...

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  1. I read it before I gave it to you. Truly great book. What an amazing story that little boy tells. A really inspiring story about family love. I knew you'd love it too. I am glad you enjoyed it.