Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emily's Party

If you read my last post you would know about Emily's Party. I recommend reading my last post before this one. So, yesterday I published my post and started getting ready for the party. Jeans aren't my favorite thing to wear because they feel uncomfortable at the beginning. So I got dressed and told my mom that I'm ready. She got her purse and we walked out the door. We had to stop by a WinnDixie to buy Emily a $15 iTunes Gift Card and a Birthday Card. We got down and walked into WinnDixie. We got a funny birthday card and  the last $15 iTunes Gift Card.The lines were long but when we finally got to the cash register. Guess what happened? The card didn't scan. We were already late to the party by 10 minutes, now we had to go to another store and hope that there is a card there that works. So, I told my mom, "Mom lets see if  the new Walmart has it." My mom said, "Alright lets go." So we got back into the car and drove to Walmart. It wasn't that far away. When we got inside we looked around and after about 5 minutes we found the card. We waited in line and of course like any kid, I asked my mom if I could get some chips and gum. She said, "yes." We bought the items and got into the car.

We were even more late by making another stop at Walmart to get the Gift Card. So, while my mom was driving I wrote Emily's name on the envelope and put both cards inside. I sealed it. I opened my bag of chips and gave some to my mom. They were sweet plantain chips. So when we finally get to her house, I see that the party is inside. I don't usually like dance parties inside because there isn't that much space, but there was space inside her house. So, I knocked on the door and Emily's mom opened the door. My mom and I said, "hello" and walked inside. I put her present on the table with all the other presents. I see my friend Paolo and walk over to him. He said "dude where have you been?" I said "I was sick and wasn't planning to go to this party. He said, "okay." I walked over to the drinks and got a coke. Then 4 more friends come running over and Riain says, "Dude someone called you an owl!" I didn't get the joke. So I didn't say anything for about 10 seconds, and then I said, "okay?" He says it again, "DUDE SOMEONE CALLED YOU AN OWL!" and I say, "what?" Then Ethan says, "Someone called you an owl!" Then they finally gave up and said, "your supposed to say who!" I said, "oh! I get it." Then we all broke out into laughter and they asked me where have I been. I told them what happened.

Let me tell you this, I am NOT a dancer. So, I am just chilling with my friends talking. Then I see 5 bowls filled with candy! All types from chocolate to jolly ranchers. I get up and walk to the bowls. I grab a twizzler (liquorice). I go back and sit down next to my friends. Then this song comes on that everyone likes because the video is so funny and the dance is so fun. This song started on youtube and has over 300 million views. It's called, "PSY-Gangnam Style." The dance is supposed to look like you are riding a horse. It is a Korean song but it is still funny to watch. So It's playing and I wait for the dancing  part of the song to come. When It comes I start dancing and my friend joins me. We were laughing because the dance looks so funny but its still fun to do it. Then I sat back down and watched the people dancing. Some girls were box dancing with each other because they took classes on how to box dance and now they are using it at a party. I found it funny because they just did It in the middle of a song. Even if the song is rap music or pop. The DJ was my friend Chris who brought his laptop and was playing songs from his laptop. He was actually pretty good for a 13-year-old. Then I looked on the table where he was playing music and there was cards! He actually has his own cards. I thought that was pretty cool.

I went outside to see what her backyard was like. It was a screened-in patio with chairs layed out. It looked nice. To the right there was a door to the backyard. Her backyard isn't really big its more like a strip going around her whole house. There was a little playground with a swing. Her brother and his friend were swinging. I went back into the patio and inside. I looked around and I saw that my mom was sitting on a chair. I didn't really want my mom at a party that I'm in because it feels awkward. So, I walk up to her and I say, "mom your still here? I thought you were going to leave." She said, "do you want me to leave?" Me: "well I just don't want you sitting there by yourself aren't you bored?" She said, "no." I said,"okay." I walked back to my friends and sat down. I saw that there was a foosball table. I played against Paolo. He was good at it. I lost because I never really played foosball that much, but it was fun. Then Riain and I play against to other kids. I am just spinning one handle crazy! It actually worked and I scored about 3 times. My friend and I won. I gave my friend a high five. I walked to the candy bowls and grabbed more candy. I sat down and ate it. Then I saw my dad standing at the door. It was time to leave. So I said goodbye to all my friends and thanked Emily's mom for everything. I walked out the door and into the car. I told my dad what happened at the party. When I got home I took a shower and went to sleep.

I think this party was pretty awesome! I can't wait till the next party! There is another one coming soon. Ill write about that one too. Thank You for reading my posts and don't forget to subscribe and share if you enjoyed this! Until next time.


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