Sunday, September 30, 2012


Minecraft is a very popular game that has over 42 million people playing it. I've been playing it over a year now on the PC. It first came out on the computer, then the Xbox, and then on phones. It is a very fun addicting game where you gather materials, build, craft items, and try to survive the nights, because at night is when the monsters spawn and try to kill you. I have been playing it for a year now.You can also play with others on servers that can have a lot of mods and plug-ins which makes the game even more fun! If you go to the website and look at it you are going to say, "This game is made of blocks why would people play it?" Do not judge a book by its cover! You never know what a book, movie, or game can be like if you don't try it out! It ranges from people 8-30 years old. People even make You Tube videos about it. I personally think it is one of my favorite games. I recommend checking it out at
Well, until next time readers.

                                                                                                                                        - Adam Ribeiraud

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