Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Houses burnt down
Atlantic City
Hurricane Sandy is a hurricane that recently damaged the Northeast of the U.S. badly, mainly New York and New Jersey. Even though the hurricane was category 1, with the storm surge and the freezing temperatures, it came down on those states pretty hard. It destroyed homes, and the people were left out there in the cold! Most people didn't have fire or another source to keep them warm. The people of the Northeast usually don't expect hurricanes because hurricanes usually hit the southern U.S. In New York, the subways got flooded, which is horrible because a great number of New Yorkers use the subways as their mean of transportation. On top of that, there is a Nor'easter storm coming from up north, that will hit the Northeastern states again! People in the south, expect hurricanes during hurricane season to hit them. So they always get ready. In my household, when hurricane season start, we start buying bottled water, canned goods, batteries, etc. When we find out there is a hurricane hitting where we are, my dad and grandpa start shuttering up the windows 3-4 days prior of when the storm hits. When hurricanes have hit my house, I am usually calm, because I know I have all the supplies and things I need to survive the hurricane. On the other hand, most people in the north don't expect hurricanes, so they don't prepare during the hurricane season because they don't think that a hurricane will hit them. In my school, they asked everyone to bring 5 dollars for the people in the Northeast that were affected by the hurricane. All our money goes to the parish, then the money of the parish plus the schools, goes to the Archdiocese. From there it goes to services like the red cross. I am sure my school isn't the only school that is doing that. So all our money combined, can really help the Northeast! If you feel bad for the people of the Northeast and really want to help, feel free to donate money, clothes, food, etc. Well, until next time readers...
Flooded subway

Damaged House
flooded street

diver swimming in the subway!

Seaside Heights, New Jersey



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  1. Great pics, Adam. It does put things in perspective. The Nor'easter has already hit those same areas and they are now dealing with Snow and more cold, 2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy caused all the ravages. Do you have any pics of Staten Island under the snow, in the past few days? That would show how people are coping with even more damage. But show also the pics of people helping each other out, the restaurant that got destroyed on Staten Island but the owner and the staff opened a Kitchen in the street with the help of the coast guards and are feeding all the people whose houses have been destroyed and the volunteers, for free. That is the American Spirit, the one that brings people together and help each other when disaster hits. Good Job Adam. Great posting.