Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally a Teenager!

13 is the age! It's the age where you are officially a "teenager". Today Nov 5, is my birthday. I am finally a teenager. Now, that can be good, or that can be bad. It's good because you experience new things like: growing at a very fast rate, voice getting deeper, and mixed emotions. I got a haircut the yesterday and now I  look like a new person! I like the haircut, I think it makes me look older, but not too old. It's a short haircut and is so easy to take care of, when with long hair you have to brush it, wash it well, and do a whole bunch of other stuff. So my opinion is that I like short hair better.

I am the youngest in my grade because I started school early. So it's kind of weird to be turning 13 when everyone else is turning 14. It doesn't affect my grades or the way I act so i'm okay with it. That's basically it, for this posting. Until next time...

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