Saturday, December 1, 2012


COD-MW2 stands for: Call of Duty- Modern Warfare 2. I recently got an Xbox 360, and this is one of the games I got. This is a Firs Person Shooter (FPS) military game style. You can go online against other people and level up. While you level up, there is also new guns, perks, attachments etc. This game is Mature 17+ but if you are below that age level, you can still buy it if you have a parent/guardian with you when you are buying the game. This game is a team game and is lots of fun to play with friends. It has different modes like: Team Deathmatch, Mercenary Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Search and Destroy, Team Tactical and a lot more.

I like this game because there are so many modes, you can also do the Campaign, which is like a story mode. The story of the game. I give this game 5 stars because it is addicting and fun to play! Be sure to check it out, and watch some gameplays of it too. Well, until next time.....

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