Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Christmas Jars by Jason Wright

Christmas Jars is a book about a women who works for a newspaper company. Her place in the office is just like any other normal worker, but when she releases her story, it becomes a great hit and is printed on the front page of the newspaper. It all starts on a Christmas Eve night when she opens her apartment door and everything is destroyed. She is shocked that someone had robbed her. She calls the police and they come in an instant. When she walks out of her door, she notices a jar labeled "Christmas Jar". She asks the police if they put that there but they said it was there when they came. Knocking on peoples doors she asks them if its their's and they say "No, keep it for yourself." This story goes is about Hope Jensen trying to find who left the Christmas Jars and why?

This is a very inspiring story. It had quite a few sad parts, but it's nice in the end. I recommend this story to anyone who wants to read something that is inspiring. It inspires you to make your own Christmas Jar and give it to people who are in need. Well, until next time....

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